A ceux pour qui la fin d'une civilisation n'est pas la fin du monde
Fear of Letting Go

Shadow Assistant:  N o n e       o f       t h i s         i s       i n e v i t a b l e.    Fungi inherited the earth.   Moses thought of a route that everybody knew of but nobody had ever wanted to take.    The main purpose of duckweed is to shelter creatures. 

P2: What language do you want to remember?

SA: N o n e       o f       t h i s         i s       i n e v i t a b l e.

[Take 2 drawstring bags down from hooks, remove drawer from under chair,  pour seeds into bags. Put drawers back and hang bags up. Spirit Assistant puts hand on a shoulder of P1 and P2 to guide them to sitting]

P1: putting one thing on top of another, kinds of centre, these cliffs are crumbling.






res communis omnium. A study group on space law. The present treaty shall be for an indefinite period. This mineral is light sensitive and so is not displayed. No radioactive waste material shall be deposited on the surface of the moon or other celestial bodies, but may be deposited below the surface. I've been in my own world struggling with this concept that the human at the centre is a limited place from which to be designing. Quantify impact, confrontation interacting with an unimaginable scale of time. Trying to work out what sentience and insentience are, using colours to work it out.

SA: Moses thought of a route that everybody knew of but nobody had ever wanted to take.

P2: How should we confront what is happening to our world?

P1: Fungi inherited the earth.

SA: Why have people glued themselves to gates?

P2: Where do you find the rulership of the sinuses?

SA: The main purpose of duckweed is to shelter creatures.                                                 And I was like ok fine I do believe you but it’s hard but she’s not in her mind, you’re right it’s exaggerated. She never questions herself it’s always someone else’s fault. There’s always a reason. Having no friends at all is like you must question yourself. It’s just weird. All that power that she has over us. When I say stuff to her she’s like yea yea ok, like she definitely knows. But she just refuses to see it and I'm not going to be there for that anymore. Honestly. If you dwell on it, you will disadvantage yourself.                     You took away floor space to make a glass roof that lets light down to imaginary people on the floor below. Only a few groups of insects occupy the same niche in their habitat for the whole of their life.

P2: Can we even talk about a silver lining at this point? Can the symbol even be tamed? Generalised Climate Zones on a Hypothetical Continent.                                   RESCUE REALITY. Hungry ghost. Wither away, permanent surplus. Every town is in some sense a miserable one, because everyone in it nurses feelings – and birds need those feelings too. The cloud's passed and yet it's still raining. This is not a direct question and therefore does not need a question mark.

P1&2 together:
We discover it’s haunted by us.

P2 [to P1]: North sea prototype. I'm not worried. I'm not worried. I wanna join in. I wanna join in. I asked you to hold it for me and you stole it. Ok, lets try again. Let's try again. From reaction to reflection. You’ve got no idea what it will be like.

SA: Nobody has ANY idea what it will be like. They realise that there is much to be destroyed and were not about to wait for everyone else to get started, they are totally honest about their need for each other, they felt it was wrong to throw rocks in any circumstances.

P2: [shouting over Shadow Assistant] Are you going to move them out of harms way?

SA: All of patriarchy and capitalism is a history of uncontrolled aggression and now the planet and all life is at stake. He also kills a black dog and throws it under the feet of a horse.

P1: I'm wasted. Don't leave, I just need a wake-up call. I'm facing the greatest. The greatest loss of them all. The culture is lit and I had a ball. I guess that I'm burned out after all.

P2: Most people are aware that the elite exploiters of the earth will not wilfully give up their stranglehold on it and the life it contains. What people think and what people think they think. Controlled Catastrophe, Primal Sap, House of Life, ibises and the eternal darkness. Speak truth to power. Seven, nine and twelve years of age.

SA: What about the rocks?

P2: How do you regulate greed?

P1: How dare you pray for rain and then say it's too much?

SA: What can I refrain from so that my life has fewer negative consequences on the lives of others?

P2: How do you regulate greed?

P1: Could the person have heard her hearing her?

SA: [lowers voice] He told me I don't have to think about things anymore than I usually do

P2: How do cicadas know when to emerge from the ground?

P1: How could I get there?

SA: How can one thing be so convincingly described as another?

P2: Can any human power be resisted and changed by human beings?

P1: Covert violence, auspicious button. The healing of his tongue was brought about while singing about the saints. Binding spells written on lead. Spiritual Insecurities, Paranoia Hierarchy, poor sleep. The Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System. A Treatise on the Mechanism of Prayer. This House Believes That The Internet Should Be The Common Heritage of Mankind. How human beings develop intensely held yet unfounded beliefs that others intend to harm them. Decline in fortunes. Alarm bells? The rest of the world is orange.

SA: What can I do in a bubble?

P2: Can we compare different countries?

P1: Do you seriously think that I know the meaning of giving for you?

SA: To what extent am I in the presence of repressed anger?

P2: When will you get water?

P1: Why are you alone?

SA: What do you notice about the way in which these words become plural?

P2: Once I start volunteering with you how I will be kept in touch with what’s going on?

P1: How do you regulate greed?

SA: What does the soul do then?

P2: In the next year, how can I affect a balance between memory and imagination?

P1: How will we go on living in a world where we can no longer touch each other?

SA: How much money is out there?

P2: [towards audience] Does that seem weird to you after all these years?

P1: What about jealousy?

SA: Was there a big fire somewhere?

P2: How could my own pulse fail to respond?

P1: What did I miss? Did I interpret their actions correctly?

SA: Does anybody know the rules for actually living on the river?

P2: What do the lights mean?

P1: How would I remove melted marshmallow from my fire gloves?

SA: How are these animals thriving in such a dangerous place?

P2: How does that relate to me?

P1: I followed their inescapable need. Flaming fiery red plumes to set your borders on fire. You'll sure be delighted to tell them it's the basket-flower. It has a special talent for being able to come back to life, even when completely dehydrated for some time. A lot of grasses, a lot of lovely whiskery petals, smoky pink. The more you pick, the more they produce. Violet-purple bracts that persist long after the flowers themselves have faded. Cone-shaped inflorescence. Drooping, clear-yellow, lemony-lavender, violet-blue, fern-like, musk mallow. A vigorous tendril climber covered with a blueish bloom. Shaded apricot, covered in long soft hairs. Insert a forefinger about one inch into the soil. Packet of 6 seeds. Packet of 15 seeds. 1400 seeds in the packet. Heartsease. Why not grow them all this year?

[All actors stand up, take the three empty drawstring bags and fill them with seeds, hang on pole, Spirit Assistant touches shoulders to sit them down] 

SA: What will the announcement be on Monday?

P2: Could you try making her favourite memes into cookies?

P1: It is fatal to assume that air of injured do-goodery which says 'how could you do this to me when I have done so much for you?'

SA: Your task is to use the words that you know and don't even think about using any others.

P2: Which is more unconscious than the other?

P1: Why is the truth so difficult for this government?

SA: Why don't you go and ask the neighbours?

P2: Did I identify all the salient points?

P1: How young do you become?

SA: What would happen if they could separate the carbon from the oxygen?

P2: Why? Because you have decided you have - there is no other reason than that. Imagine a landscape of dark mountains, rounded and not very high, cut by large valleys and spotted here and there with patches of snow. I found myself literally on a heap of pebbles. Waters rush down the mountain slopes, bringing with them masses of soil and stone, and much of the low-lying ground is flooded. The violence of the storms prevents the snow from remaining. You can hear their harsh cries from far away. It took me a while to realise that, while I have the right to make choices, so do other people, and our choices may not coincide. I still had a lot to learn about my powerlessness over other people's choices. Let me have the whole weight of your head. It's kind of base level exhausting, the rapid use of everything. Crumpled crystal, transparent fragment, thunder egg, potato stone, milky quartz.

P1: [look at audience] When you look at a plant, what does it do?

SA: When are people active senselessly?

P2: Where does it bite? Where is the mouth?

P1: Are they owed any protective responsibility?

SA: How can we learn to think with something that big?

P2: Is human speech a conscious, cultural projection, while the cries and communication of birds have an entirely different origin?

P1: Well, what can I say? It's a long ass ride