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The origin and formation of the marshes. These marshes
were the cradle of ancient human civilizations. These two rivers have continuously fed water into the area. The consecration of the entire
Their marshlands. And the marshes began to reflood.

Land that is subject to frequent or continuous flooding. Marshes tend
to be shallower, have less open water, and, most significantly, have herbaceous plants, especially grasses, reeds and sedges. Swamps tend
to be deeper, have greater areas of open water, and trees and shrubs
are the dominant vegetation. Marshes are a natural phenomenon —aquatic and terrestrial.

Eastern Marshes. Central Marshes. Western Marshes. Western
Sources. Eastern Sources. Tall Emergent Plants. Floating Plants. Submerged Plants. Amphibious or Terrestrial Plants found Near
Water. Internal Migrations. External Migrations. Settlements on the Edges of the Marshes. Settlements on Natural Islands. Construct delicate arched dwellings on artificial islands.


I have found a country of reeds and water between the hard land and fertile ground. Iraq without the marshes is worth nothing. Reflooding took place from the time of the collapse of the former regime. This
body actively participated in opening dams, canals and sluice-gates. Refuse to divide them. The marshes, once again, provided safety to those who sought it. Water slowly returned to the marshes. The marshland people will settle on any open land they find, regardless of who owns it. What is needed to make the marshes habitable again is a lot of water. Reclaim this highly fertile land. The continued expansion of reclaimed land required large numbers of people. The arrival of
these people. They soon permeated society. It has often been an area with a violent past. The landmass that bridges.


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the use of force may be necessary to protect life