Right to silence
ꉂꆭ(☼⃝◞⊖◟☼⃝) claim us

First Water to Tripoli
Jupiter Woods London UK

1. in us




Uproot\unground everything from its current context. Continually release people from the
images you make of them. Carefully filtered sediments can be released through newly
appropriate channels.


(rationality is not sustainable)


A trembling body of water, horizontal waters, vertical caves, 24 satellites in 6 orbital planes, the
fourth sun, the three kingdoms of nature - the reference plane is the surface of the sea.

Two things are yet to be discovered.

The first is the infinite gulf that separates us from each other.

The second is the bridge that could connect us.

New World Order. Azimuth World View. Walker Bushe Architects. The paradigm, what is that?
Quota pars operis tanti nobis committitur?  ~ What part of so great a task is committed to us?
The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth. To Change Everything, We
Need Everyone. 6.916 billion. #biodiversity_is_us. bioluminescence, Nile Blue, violet,
iridescence, opalescence, counterillumination camouflage, Holography [break your own geode]
The present moment is a sacrament from god and self-abandonment to it and its needs is a holy
state. Department of Defence. All Protected Species.

#archive #bank #invest

It is within our human capacity.

The organisms’ own knowing. The premise is that humanity is fundamentally at home in the
world. And “the human being is the most exact physical apparatus that can exist”. Generally, in
the moments before the baby is born contractions stop and everything is still. It is important not to
panic although overwhelming fear is present, it is important not to attempt to force things to
continue, I remember almost falling asleep.