How dare you pray for rain and then say it's too much.
Fear of Change

[Mound, hill and pit (the saint becomes the pit) the quilted jackets from the previous concert form the roof of the den now. All three characters are inside the den. You can't see them, you can only hear them]

[overlapping voices, repeating these phrases x3/5 times]

Mound: You keep opening boxes and finding more and more inside each one. 

Hill: You’ll have to fall out of love with your theories. 

Pit: Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems.

All: What do you feel about being less forgiving? 

[begin pushing seeds out around the circumference of the table, hands poke out] 

M: wishful thinking and obscuring the truth, and naturally those who are engaged with healing the sick. Put a tiny bit of radium salt in a rubber capsule and fasten it to the arm, leaving it there for 10 hours. On the third occasion, leave for 8 minutes only. Definitions of solar cautery. Difficulty taking into account situational factors that would suggest the need to adjust a plan of action. Difficulty taking out the trash on Thursday morning. 



objection harvesting 

mirror neuron

H: When the concept of individual identity was born, it was also applied to children. The bread is for those who....

P:[interrupting] Complicated kinship rules, mythical accounts.

H: The tradition of gathering on fixed dates. Speak a line, then close your mouth. Read the next line, then close your mouth. Say something then watch your mouth close, wait for the breath in and when it comes imagine breathing in a lovely smell, so you are relaxed and easy with the breathing. Speaking word by word with occasional emphasis to show they are still awake. Singing helps you access the full freedom of your voice. Notice how your voice travels from deep in your body. Play between singing and speaking until they both come from the same point - your chest and your stomach - not your throat. Yawning or chanting works well for this too. 

P: (blame the ear canal for that)   punching, stamping etc. 

H: Say the days of the week. Gut voice. Short words are better than long words. What you need to know to achieve conversational elegance is pre-planned spontaneity. You let the words come because you know what you’re talking about. It means you know it in the body as much as the mind. Boil it down to six words. Avoid social smiling. Where you need more credibility only smile if it happens naturally. Avoid doing too much raised ’like me’ eyebrows. Relax your eyebrows. Minimise nodding. Might it be that taking up open postures actually causes power? (standing tall, taking up space) So, make it work for you. I want you to discover just how quickly you can change gear. The great thing about archetypes is that they are always there, waiting for you. Put your brain in your belly. Being alert to moments such as this bears enormous fruit.

M: The soil should never see the sun.

P: She's setting herself up to fail. I was trying to explain to her that by acting like that she's setting herself up to fail. Reference to expected behaviours is acceptable. Teasing out the truth.

M: They want you to think on your feet. Coffee flavoured with salt was the only warm drink. Blood soup. Blood bank. The sun will keep shining for a further 5 billion years. Swarms of up to a million stars, of different sizes, held together by their mutual gravity which formed at the same time. Do you see...the poison ivy, your friends nearby?

H: Large numbers of people when in a heart-coherent state and holding shared intention can encode information in the earth’s geomagnetic field.

P: part lion, part hippopotamus, omen texts, clay tablets, terracotta rider with shield, glass tooth, combat sorcery, heal disease, an attempt to change unfavourable fate, fill in details about the symptoms that the patients may have disregarded or omitted, identify the divine sender, advisers on risky, uncertain and difficult decisions, they did not claim to foresee the future but rationally approached the construction of advice through a repeatable, consistent process of identifying important dimensions of the problem, considering alternatives and collecting data. Somehow the very event that caused them so much pain had also become their sole source of meaning. Holding shared intention.

H: You’ll have to fall out of love with your theories. There are places where stars seem still to be forming. Glowing clouds like this harbour bright young stars and newly condensing protostars that haven't yet got hot enough to ignite their nuclear fuel. 

M: bite the bullet

H: Antarctica is considered a desert. 

M: complete forgiveness

H: complete forgiveness in advance for everything that has happened or might happen

P: [asking audience, disbelieving tone]  eh eh, you hear that?

H: Not everything in the cosmos happens slowly.              One fascinating question, of course, is whether other worlds are orbiting other stars. Fluids and corn. Narrow, with court judges extremely offseason. Solar powered couple hits a nice little worse. Virtual world. Vegetable world. Mean spirit which are created equal. And so hold on a paper where regimen will cover. And so hold in a regimen along the seas and yes I'm gender justice won. And then the last song. Start. Nice. That are teaching another. Dislikes like down through the streets. It's actually a skill and so it's sort of like it. And yes as I said I just buy anything. You are aware, aware of the seclusion. Most things are either funny or scary to me. Log plan device.

M: The most important thing is to remember where everything is in relation to everything else. The right distance from a long-lived and stable star. Likewise we could learn about other earths. We have to be very careful, we cannot face them alone, control what is being given to us, clarify what we want. Note that a pure free response format can be disadvantageous because there may be a huge variation in how and how well respondents express themselves in their own words.

P: Pleasure. The slippery earth?                       It was last summer, no, it can't have been… but it was summer. I was going around with water, and I saw this little squirrel over the road and he was looking at me, and I said “I see you but stay there, I'm going to come over” And he waited there and I said 'I can see you look really thirsty and he drank one, two three, four capfuls of water and I said “wow you really were so thirsty but I don't think you ought to drink anymore because your little tummy will be really full, where are you putting all that water”. And he kept looking at me and so I said ok then but just a little bit more. Anyway he seemed reluctant to leave and I said come on, up you go, and he just kept looking back at me. And I said “what is it are you scared to go over there to the tree” and I said “it's ok, if you want I can come with you” but he didn't budge. And I said “look, there's two options. I saw mother this morning, she was over there in that tree, but you live in that tree over there with your brother. I said look honestly, I saw mother this morning but I haven't seen her since then.” Anyway, very reluctantly he went over to the tree where I had seen his mother, he climbed up really slowly and suddenly there was his mum, I mean she was a big mother and she wasn't taking any nonsense. I think by now she had had another litter of kittens and she was done with him, she had moved him to the tree over the way with his brother. And she chased him down that tree where he used to live and I can tell you, he ran so much faster down than he had ran up that tree. And not only did she chase him down that tree because he went up the next tree and the next tree and she kept chasing him back down. I mean she was a good mother but she had judged he had got to the age where he could live alone with his brother now. She chased him up and down the trees all the way across the park until he got back to the tree where she had decided he should live. I think he would have preferred something more sheltered because the tree was out in the open a bit. Anyway she chased him up that tree back with his brother.

M: An encumbered inheritance. Constantly fighting unseen dangers is exhausting. Protective magic. Breathing is one of the few body functions under both conscious and autonomic control. Formerly referred to as the vegetative nervous system. Formerly referred to as the fact that we can actually change our own physiology and inner-equilibrium. All trauma is pre-verbal. It will end in tears. How dare you pray for rain and then say it's too much. Decriminalise the instinctive self.  There's a good chance that nothing is the best thing to do but that would be very hard to explain. The bread is for those who work late or become hungry during the day. 

H: How can you tell, then, when an angel is in the room or in your life? ‘no emotions’ or ‘other emotions’. A watercraft of elaborate construction used for pleasure. Forked tracks at the end of a line. Yey and nay. Yes and no. Solar ageing of skin, solar apex, solar array, solar battery, solar cell, solar collector, solar constant, solar day. A year and a day; a limitation of time for some purposes. The law does not look upon such a wound as the cause of a person’s death if they lived for more than a year and a day.

M: Damage without wrong. She compensates, diffuses fears and restlessness. It wasn’t my point to start a land versus water debate. 

H: clothing them with the rights of citizenship 

P: crossed fingers or knocking on wood 

H: robust sharing. microvolunteering. We are not big earners. Carefully cut to the ground every few years. Could it be ok to simply try things on for a while? This does not mean we should be equally concerned about all countries. 

M: burn time. some place with a structure all around you. This new snow has no name. On the ground pulling up fresh words to offer as doves. You’re very brave and very free. 

H: Solidity Developer.

P: A bear with a salmon.

M: infinitely variable expressions of intolerable feelings 

P: you can’t just keep stopping and starting like this, it’s not fair 

M&H: you’ve told us that before

H: The right kind of nothing. Video doorbell. Glass foot. Eye tooth. Deflect evil. Stop guiding your understanding of something by whether it is easy or not. Infrastructure changes your life in an immediate way. Running many programmes simultaneously. Borrow a mobile device from someone close to you. I feel like my current self is editing my teenage self and my middle-aged self. Is that convergence? I feel totally lost. It's the eagle. Eagle, evil, you see?