I'm beginning to believe there are more temples here than houses and more gods than people
Fear of Loving

Frost Giant Ghost: Harvested by farmers who are forced to destroy their own forests in the process.

Mountain Giant Ghost: The nine boats sailing upon the lake, the minerals, the plants, and the rowers. He refers to a lamp and perhaps a storeroom of life. [...chamber of] Darkness. Beware, beware (?) … spend the night, spend the day in the container of coal. You are to find scribal equipment (?) ...may I make … […] between them. Do not be weak in being strong of heart... may you teach concerning the law of god...supply...let to wish an unidentified third person will go (or has gone) to the House of Life.

Fire Giant Ghost: We contend that property destruction is not a violent activity unless it destroys lives or causes pain in the process. Remember that the universe is a carnivore that doesn't care which life grows inside it. Let the table and the bridge contain each other. The development of agriculture, of irrigation, of writing, the wheel and glass. 

Frost Giant Ghost: By this definition, private property, especially corporate private property is itself infinitely more violent than any action taken against it. 

Mountain Giant Ghost:  plants and the tongue, the deceased ones, ears of grain of gold. The deity points to birds and wild animals, justifying efforts to understand the sacred speech of animals perhaps expressed through omens. Most of our section escaped serious injury by remaining constantly in motion. Organisational resilience, protocols:  clear, communicated, remembered, hold ourselves and each other and recognise slow process that includes forgiveness, communication between all groups, intentional growth, work hours, boundaries, clear examination of power dynamics, better use of theory and recognition of intangible qualities of culture, better emotional support, stability, better balance. 

Fire Giant Ghost: We buddied up, kept tight and watched each others backs. The weapons are praise, recitation and ritual. There are binding forces between these creatures which can scarcely be grasped. We consider that death is a friend that is everyday behind us. 

Frost Giant Ghost: You can't know all the laws by heart, you don't know what will happen if you refuse. But you have to try. The law can be bent, and the degree of flexibility is something you can only test in practice. The weak march sun is shining in through the window. This fertile crescent is approximately a semicircle, with the open side toward the south. 

Mountain Giant Ghost:  The idea of an individual is a function of society. 

Fire Giant Ghost:  People can change their minds quickly. For any medicine to work, people must take it.

Mountain Giant Ghost: Soft robots can swim in the ocean alongside fish and invertebrates without disturbing or harming them. Our robot uses soft artificial muscles to move like an eel underwater without making any sound. Cables apply voltage to both the salt water surrounding it and to pouches of water inside its artificial muscles. 

Fire Giant Ghost: sometimes the leverets, when caught by surprise, gather close together, one against the other with their heads in the centre forming a rose pattern, which so closely resembles a patch of pebbles that one is easily taken in by it 

Mountain Giant Ghost: Now we enter the world of collective speech. I ask everyone to prepare a self-addressed envelope and write a letter to themselves. Some ask if, instead of words, a picture is ok, and so they send themselves drawings. 

Fire Giant Ghost: Noisy propellers. 5 of them, I knew all of them, but it was at this time when I had just ran out of stuff, you know you think you have reserves but then actually everything was gone. And so I looked up at them and said 'i'm sorry everything is gone' and they looked at me as if to say 'what do you mean, everything is gone..it's US!' and I said ‘oh darlings I know it's you but I'm sorry everything is gone, I will have to make it up to you tomorrow.’      Anyway they didn't take that for an answer, they came down and lined up by my bag and I said to them ‘no really, everything is gone, I mean if you want I can dig around in my bag and maybe there's some bits at the bottom’ and so I dug around and showed them there was nothing to speak of really in there. My reserves really had run out. They watched me search my bag and then, one at a time, each of the squirrels did their own search and concluded that yes it was true. I shared out the tiny bits I had found at the bottom between the 5 of them. I mean honestly it was really nothing. And I told them not to worry and that I'd be back tomorrow to make it up to them. 

Mountain Giant Ghost:  Sparisce tutto - the gorgeous furnishing of the world - and the soil is gradually washed into the rivers - I am not speaking figuratively or extravagantly. Earthquakes, eclipses and thunder. A creature which lived in the Kalahari desert with eyes on the top of its feet and thin pointed teeth as long as a human finger. 

Fire Giant Ghost:  This north american bird had only one wing, with which it could fly around the top of a conical hill in one direction only.  

Mountain Giant Ghost:  How to align oneself with good and to avoid evil was not the basic problem of human existence. Rather, one had to discover the proper balance between order and chaos. 

Fire Giant Ghost: One had to establish and maintain the order, continuity, and stability necessary for social and cultural survival while capturing just enough fertilising energy to ensure biological survival. Order had to be forcibly wrestled from chaos and then paid for periodically through ritual sacrifices. Contact with chaos could not be severed since it was the source of life. Gods, devils and human owls. Human beings are part of the world; the world was not something to be rejected or striven against. Primordial urban utopia. Hell, is within the earth, in the middle of the earth. They will spend two to three weeks floating freely in currents. It's basically luck and thinking-ahead from there.

Mountain Giant Ghost: Hundreds of us line up with our backs against them, spread flat against the concrete and kick with the flats of our feet. 

Frost Giant Ghost: The desert is being used as a weapon. 

Fire Giant Ghost: Why did you whisper? 

[louder] Frost Giant Ghost: The desert is being used as a weapon. 

Mountain Giant Ghost:
cleanse, wash 

absolve, pardon 

ignite, burn 

take, accept, 


roll into place, 

sprinkle (with holy water) 

look at together 

carry away 

bring, carry 


weep, cry 

represent, enact 

look back 


return to silence 

wet, moisten, 

Frost Giant Ghost: prayers look answered

Fire Giant Ghost: a toad used to sit on my foot, you know my leg would be out there in the path with the toad on it [gestures towards foot to demonstrate], and I said you know, just move a bit this way, he wouldn't move and so I just had to keep saying “sorry” to people who were walking around my foot. 

Frost Giant Ghost:  We can have the perspective that there's a danger out there and I have to protect myself.

Mountain Giant Ghost: Is that the most helpful perspective to have? 

Frost Giant Ghost: What about the perspective that everyone is in danger now. 

Mountain Giant Ghost: So the perspective is how can I protect others?

Fire Giant Ghost: The behaviour might be exactly the same for both perspectives but the perspectives for each behaviour is very different. Narrows the heart? Gets cut up and attached to things. Clinging.  Confrontation interacting with an unimaginable scale of time.  

Mountain Giant Ghost:  Where do we most live? What is wise? What is useful? What is compassionate? Will we make it? 

Frost Giant Ghost: How forming pictures of the world can come from a necessity and one’s own questions. What questions do we come to ask? What fragile things are allowed to exist? 

Fire Giant Ghost: Last night I dreamt that this is an opportunity for us to really see what the world is like when we shift this. It's possible to understand that our world begins and ends at every moment. Show me. Show me an operational sorry.

Frost Giant Ghost: The world itself. Our world begins and ends every moment. Our world arises and ceases.     Don't move. So you see, these dangers, which are all there, which have already wreaked their terrible damage, have to be counteracted with something.

Mountain Giant Ghost: [Inhale through nose] Drawing is really nothing other than planning. 

Fire Giant Ghost:  Doing one thing but not forgetting about the other. 

Frost Giant Ghost:  There’s no deception being practised here. 

Fire Giant Ghost:  New organs of perception are absolutely necessary to perceive what’s going on around us now. I know that a call for this sort of overturning of the system sounds ridiculous, but the only thing I can think of that's even more ridiculous is to just let the system keep on going.  Belief or faith was once a real organ of knowledge and perception. It is not the case that first the earth must exist so that plants can grow in it, but rather that they have evolved hand-in-hand.

Frost Giant Ghost:  Hand-in-hand. 

Fire Giant Ghost:  Thirty strangers. The melting of this sense of separation does not come easily. Uncompromising patience with ourselves. How can I learn and think analytically if I now have to deal with all this emotion? Insects find their way to this liquid life, building their homes, eating and becoming food for others.

Mountain Giant Ghost:  The decisive thing, then, is not just what is in front of you, but whether or not you can make the connection that exists between one thing and the other. Heartfelt cries might well have brought heaven to help. To call oneself to account about the extent to which one is helping take conscious responsibility for the future. The concept of freedom burdens human beings with full responsibility.

Frost Giant Ghost: A willingness to consider rivers as persons is more than an intellectual exercise.

Mountain Giant Ghost:  The subtle coercion of the clock, and hope for a future without progress.