omnia quae sunt, lumina sunt`

Orange House Action Clinic
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sphaira,, eidos (ananké)

I know
you’re tired
of loving
of loving
with nobody to love

Details about the construction of the 11 monolithic churches at Lalībela have been lost. The later
Gadla Lalibela, a hagiography of the king, states that these churches were carved out of stone
only with the help of angels.

a command to build within the earth.

You do what you want when you want...then all that alters. Everything you want is for them and
then there is the realisation that this is how your parents have always felt about you.

You are directly the divine.

an imaginary line drawn on the surface of the earth

Descents into foreign tunnels do not lead you back into the incomparable black monochrome
background from which your life began to emerge as a vibrating figure long ago. Seeing in the
only darkness that concerns you cannot be practiced on a different darkness; there is no
alternative to confronting your own black monochrome.

Don’t cut the cord.

“false dawn" in this context should not be confused with false sunrise, which is a different,
unrelated optical phenomenon

The eye may be said to owe its existence to light, which calls forth, as it were, a sense that is akin
to itself; the eye, in short, is formed with reference to light, to be fit for the action of light; the
light it contains corresponding to the light without. This immediate affinity between light and the
eye will be denied by none. A dormant light resides in the eye and it may be excited from the
slightest cause from within or from without. Meanwhile, we venture to express what we believe
and hope. The retina, after being acted on by light or darkness, is found to be in two different
states, which are entirely opposed to each other. In the one case we found the organ in the utmost
relaxation and susceptibility; in the other in an overstrained state and scarcely susceptible at all.

we need you more than ever

strong eyes (Fayum, Oxyrhynchus)

The sea brings forth Venus just as the Virgin gives birth to the ultimate symbol of love.

Are you my mummy?

An event, a force which congeals and dissipates according to the consensus of those involved.
It is important to keep this elasticity in mind when approaching this subject. The multiplicity of
the people cannot be understated, even when coupled with their ostensibly singular purpose as
a rebel apparatus.

Each life, upon a short and close look contains its own unfathomable trajectory.

It is still time for a shift in human affairs, a statement made not to belittle those who came before
but rather to bring awareness to those whose turn it is to carry human life forward.

The question starts to become, in the face of all this human noise, a question of territory, space,
area, sphere of influence and paradigms of life and purpose.

In many ways this closing-in of the options, this modern demarcation from oneself to the rest is
healthy if not inevitable. It is the pressure which allows you to exist.

There have been, and are, many people on this earth. The truth, and therefore the enemy is
always partially within one’s rank; within oneself. This is something that every one of us must

You and I cannot destroy each other and ourselves, even in part, to change ourselves and the
world we make.

The struggle is not to blame. That last line is probably as close to the truth as I’m going to get.

In this we truly are a people in between times;

This is no coincidence.