a wooden kiosk or bandstand in a larger room. The kiosk is hexagon shaped and has colourful roof panels. There is decorative wrought iron around the half the perimeter of the kiosk and hip-height poles with rope strung between them around the other half of the perimeter

a detail of the front triangular roof panel. It's red with a black outline running horizontally, suggesting a burning horizon with mangrove roots or an animal herd in the foreground

Being in the kiosk. The stained and graffitied floor at your feet. One of the roof panels shows a wheel of emotions, a circle divided into triangle segments, each segment having a different facial expression. The shadows here are long. Another roof panel is a drawing of three suns

3 actors called Ghiaccio, Lingua and the narrator stand back to back in the middle of the kiosk. Around the kiosk in the larger space a small audience look on

Lingua dressed in orange red stands at the front of the kiosk with the audience behind her, the narrator wearing yellow, reads from a script, Ghiaccio stands next to her dressed in light blue and holding a stick, shes looking down

a detail of the handpainted tiles which cover the bottom perimeter of the kiosk. They show, tadpoles, a broken branch, a snail, a big rock in the ocean at sunset, two turtle doves, a bat and some unspecifiable creatures with big eyes. Blue graffiti partially covers the tiles

The floor of the kiosk which is strewn with autumn leaves and graffiti

A close up of Lingua with her hands on Ghiaccio's shoulders. Lingua appears to be speaking and Ghiaccio looks mournful.

the side of the kiosk, the pattern on one piece of the wrought iron fencing seems to illustrate a rising and falling wave or hill. There are six pillars holding up the roof, each of the columns has a small gold square panel in it's middle

a notice board which is part of the kiosk reads : la représentation imagée d'un cheval est l'incarnation en soi, de ce même cheval. penser, hésitation, corvée, bon sens, échange, traditions, groupe, pièce de monnaie, friction, décongélation. Which reads in English the drawing of a horse somehow represents the horse itself. Thinking, dithering, chores, common sense, trade, lore, gang, coin, friction, thawing

Ghiaccio wearing a surgical mask and speaking into a megaphone walks in the main space through the audience

The whole kiosk from the right side. Some smaller mosaics are visible here that sit alongside the tiles along the bottom perimeter of the kiosk. One shows a tree with orange fuit and another has silver snails on a balance scale

Lingua is visible through the wrought iron fence. She is kneeling down and sealing a bag of cat food after having filled 5 dishes with cat food. The dishes are accessed through a small door in the kiosk floor and stand now on the floor of the main space. An empty glass jug is next to Lingua, it has a shoal of small silver fish painted on it.

a view of some of the roof panels from inside the kiosk. One seems to be a vagina dentata with various small suns and moons circling the mouth. On the panel adjacent to this a spider has caught its prey. To the left of the vagina dentata are three delicate suns, and then to the left of this a bird with a long beak and wings rasied stands upon a pink planet floating in a blue space.

cendre foncée

lueur orange





celui qui fait ressortir





dark ash

orange glow


are you

of the


the one who brings out



the land


purity is not an option
in Anticorps at Palais de Tokyo
curated by Cédric Fauq

Plywood, pine, wrought iron, ceramic tiles, walnut stain, tissue paper, glass jugs, leaves, cotton rope, cat food, rainwater, spray paint

was performed on 23rd October 2020 at the public opening of Anticorps by Maud Lescure as Lingua (tongue), Lou Cunha as Ghiaccio (ice) and Monique Gudin as Narrator.
Duration 42min. Translated by Daphné Boxer.

With thanks to Célia Grégot, Géraldine Caizergues, Manon Lefort, Vincent Fradet, Lev Ilizirov, Guillaume Lebeaupin, Louis Perruchaud, Vincent Roux, Florent Moutti, Juliette Agwali, Matthieu Pilaud, Ludovic Riochet, Franck Tetu, Diane Lagorce, Pieter Van der Schaaf, Sylvain Loret, Elise Manchon, Sarah Claudon, Karim Gassama, Noé Nadaud, Colas Claisse, Benjamin Rossi, Salvador Ruiz Lucena.

photo: Aurélien Mole

Two steps provide one way to enter the kiosk. Some tiles are visible here and they show a moth, a panda hugging its cub, rosehips and hawthorn berries