[Lingua begins at the bottom of the ramp and begins walking slowly up the ramp after saying 'fewer birds' she walks all the way up the ramp to the top of the stairs. Ghiaccio and Narrator are side by side at the centre of the stage facing the front. Ghiaccio has the saucepan of rainwater at her feet.]

Lingua: Why do birds build with snake skins? Earth - there are animals that can survive being eaten. Fragmented forests result in more snakes, fewer birds. This snake pretends to be a spider [slight laugh] - and catches a bird. Snakes are meat and birds are meat. Some snakes eat eggs and so do some birds. The bird got the lunch. And we may go even deeper [close eyes and push hands forward] for the mouse that would have eaten the seeds is the prey of a milk snake and the Song Sparrow converts those very seeds into songs.

[Narrator and Ghiaccio are in the middle of the stage. Narrator reads list beginning with slow pace and speeding up to frenzy on the paragraph beginning ‘home’ and then slows down back to the beginning pace. In between each word Ghiaccio stamps foot on the floor, following the pace of Narrator.]

Narrator: water bear find these live
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[G goes with the water to join L at the top of the stairs, they observe N as she talks]

[N walks around gesturing and talking about the house]

N: Enter the house from the kitchen where the floor is pressed soil. Outside the kitchen wall and obtained by extending the sloping roof, the house has a different environment. The house of modest size, has a simple layout, it has rigidly rectangular with a front linear. The walls are very thick. It is shaped blocks that are bound together with mud. The wall of the front several rows of stones huddled together to form a long bench of stone that served as both a footboard to haul himself into the saddle, is enjoying the cool summer evenings. The door, of variable size, it is never open to the north, but always to the south or the east, to shelter from the north wind. In one corner there is a square that encloses the tub shelf that contains the salt water used to salt the cheese against the wall is a rough table. When for the multiplication of offspring or a division due to inheritance, the house extends laterally environments are added, only if this extension is impossible for lack of space, it builds height, but the latter rarely occurs.

[N moves to the pillar to the right of the stage with her back to the metal fence]

G: A rudimentary support surface.

L: A new and mysterious threat.

L: It’s a place where Earth is so close to its limit, it’s almost like another planet. Warm the air before they breathe it in. Hothouse. Before they breathe it in. Human capacity for tragedy. Tragedy as a mode of experience. Remorselessly searching and deeply involved. Insistence on the balance between the striving for rationality on the one hand, and the recognition of the underlying irrationality of existence on the other. There is a tremendous value placed on the attempt to find answers. Foundation, homesick, trick. Confrontation with truth. A confrontation avoided by most. Ignorance is bliss. Affirm the absolutes like justice and order, but reveal a universe that promises neither and often deals out the reverse. They cannot know in advance what they will ultimately discover.

[G brings the water to the center-back column and stands with her back to the column, she does not start speaking until she has reached the column] One foot in front of the other. To see what can be seen, to grasp what can be grasped.

L: [singing, slowly walking around the perimeter and near the edge of the stage, then stopping wherever] Let’s get out of this town, baby we’re on fire. Everyone around here seems to be going down, down. If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher. It feels like all of our friends are lost. Nobody’s found, found, found. I got so scared, I thought no one could save me

N: [After L sings 'Let's get out of this town' N starts talking] Let’s get out of this town, baby we’re on fire. Everyone around here seems to be going down, down. If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher. It feels like all of our friends are lost. Nobody’s found, found, found. I got so scared, I thought no one could save me

G: Two million years. Everywhere there is the same silence punctuated by wailing, the same obligation to cut the hair or bread and cover the head with clay. To keep the sacred beings alive, to remake and regenerate them perpetually. Shoulders and thighs. The first 200 micro fragments plunged into the ocean three years ago. Skip the step of original unity and don’t risk ruining anything.

N: [turns around and speaks to part of the audience] What would happen if the land on earth was still in a huge piece and was not separated by water?

G: Large cycles of carbon and oxygen. In a very real sense, the soil, water and air cover of the earth serve as shorelines where the full energy yield from the raw materials of life is retained and from which they derive a gift from the green plants on demand. As with any bank account, withdrawals must match the weight of protoplasm and deposits. When the earth is formed, it serves as a solvent for the reaction of chemicals and strangely provides the world of life with energy and skeletons of carbon compounds. There was very little oxygen on the earth to begin with. We received a first supply of sheets of chemical elements. They must serve forever, because there is no way for nature to create the primitive atmosphere of our planet. The kind that could do without free oxygen.

L: Raccoglierai quello che hai seminato.

N: [Addressing the audience, in an educational tone, gesturing a lot] The best kind of symbiosis is called mutualism. For example take this hermit crab. [points to an imaginary hermit crab and actually imagines a crab at this point] She has a garden of small anemones on her shell that she carries everywhere she goes, the anemones give her protection from predators like octopus, the anemones have a great life living on her shell because they gather some of the scraps from her eating and they travel around with her to the next meal. Since the hermit crab uses an old snail shell for a home, she needs to find a new shell every once in a while as she grows. When she finds one, it’s as simple as hopping out of the old one and into the new one. But what to do about the anemones? The anemones are so important to the hermit crab that she must also move them as well. Without them she’s defenceless. Slowly, with a combination of tapping on the anemones and peeling their edges, the hermit crab convinces them to release their grip. Only the crab knows how to coax the anemones into letting go. They will not submit to any other creature pulling on them. Once the anemone lets go of the old shell the hermit crab deposits it on her new shell, she simply plops it in place and holds it until the anemone grabs on. The anemone will then crawl around on the shell to find a good spot.

L: [singing] This is love calling earth, do you know how much it hurts?

G: [long pause ……. counts to 20 in head, G looks in pain, grimacing then screaming and itching with tremendous energy, the person saying that has lived in an old-growth forest for months to avoid this forest is destroyed by logging industries] I don’t want to live if there aren’t any rhinoceroses, I don’t want to live if there aren’t any mountain lions in California.

N: [to audience] Meet the people replanting trees by hand in Canada. If you do not move you will be destroyed. The people decide to take neither road. THAT WHICH CANNOT BE MEASURED AS REAL. You are to look for a turtle shaped island that is linked to the purification of the earth. You will find such an island at the beginning and end of your journey.

[L walks towards G takes the water and puts it in the center of the stage, the actors come down from the stage and surround him. The actors shout out each line for a few minutes as if it were protest songs. It is not necessary for the actors to synchronize their words, it is rather important that their words are spoken with passion. The actors must all wear their masks at this time]

G: Citizenship is a superstition

L & N: Citizenship is a superstition

G : Civilisation is a species

L & N : Civilisation is a species

G: Are these gods all right?

L & N: Are these gods all right?

[The actors all go up on stage, they hold hands, turn back to back and form a circle, the water container is in the center of the circle]

G: Still losing rainforest but gaining forest elsewhere

L: Still losing rainforest but gaining forest elsewhere

N: Still losing rainforest but gaining forest elsewhere

N: Et une nuit nuageuse n’est pas idéale pour observer les étoiles

[N&L pull away from each other and move to the back of the stage]

[G: sits in front of the water cross-legged, hesitant, upset and talking to the water container]

G: They did not really know enough to be alone but they were gone [long pause, really passionate, enthusiastic] The guide of the dead and god of fire. Inhabitants were transformed into monkeys. This world was destroyed by hurricanes. First Sun. Before they could create they had to destroy. God of gold, farming and springtime. Second Sun. God of judgement, night, deceit, sorcery, and the Earth. There had been four worlds. Third Sun. Hold up the sky and function as the frame for the passing of time. The god of light, mercy and winds. Fourth Sun. part crocodilian, part fish and part toad or frog, with indefinite gender. Always hungry, every joint on its body was adorned with an extra mouth. Humans became fish in order to survive. First language learnt and still understood. The sky is falling. Before they could create they had to destroy.

Money has vanished

Ice is the new gold

We believe water can be a bridge.

L: [to G] Can moons have moons?
Are cities skylines?
Are these gods all right?

N: [monotone voice, like computer voice, long breath pause in between each sentence] Loss of ability to produce sounds.

Difficulty making sounds. Deep, rapid breathing. Periodic cessation of breathing. Excessively deep breathing.

Extremely shallow breathing. Difficult breathing unless in an upright position.

N: Nosebleed

N: Breathlessness; air hunger. Low-pitched resonant sound from the chest. High-pitched inspiratory sound from the larynx. Whistling sound made while breathing. The common cold. Fungus in the nose. Collapse of lung tissue or an entire lung.

[exasperated, urgent, to L] The Knife, The Tongue

L: [spinning around] the tongue and the Word, death, help from the, so, the tongue gives the form, the shape to the sounds that we emit through the larynx, the throat. In the tongue, flint dagger, you see an eye with eyebrows. That eye is clairvoyance: the way in which we have to see what the word means. The Word can also hurt and so this is the jaw or the claw

[G moves the rainwater and hands it back to N. N takes the water and places it at her feet]
[L and G move to the notice board and G picks up the pen above the board]

L: to G [illuminated] the drawing of a horse somehow represents the horse itself

[G writes THE DRAWING OF A HORSE SOMEHOW REPRESENTS THE HORSE ITSELF on a sheet of paper on the notice board repeating the words while writing them, G then writes the words below in creating a vertical list. L says the words while G writes them]

L: tinkering



common sense







L: [looking at and talking to the words G just wrote] Ring-tailed lemurs, great- crested grebes, prairie dogs, robins, tigers, muskrats, meadow warblers and Atlantic salmon, fence lizards, flat lizards, nightingales and Norway rats, herring gulls and callicebus monkeys - - all of us will give everything we have for a place of our own.

G: [turns around and shouts at the audience, exasperated]


[L arms outstretched, puts her hands on G.'s shoulders. L has her back to L. L is swaying and G too.]

L: [soothing]

in other words

the only peaceful way

perhaps it isn’t just love that humanity needs

to reorient the volatile world situation

is so simple that it must be repeated once again

but a formidable crisis

by engaging the attributes of the heart

due to the combined apathy and unconcern

in massive worldwide protests

without thought of ideology or self-interest

we have demonstrated throughout all these years

wherein we have been conditioned

because the human heart

to seek our personal happiness and security

when activated

even when the world is slowly falling apart around us

is infinitely wise and incapable of being ‘against’.

at all costs

[G&L heading towards the opposite side of the stage]

[N brings the container of water to G, who places it at her feet, N goes down the ramp]

N [to herself or a higher power] What about the new world is choking you up?

[in answer to herself] Life has two fundamental tendencies: the one is contraction, the other is expansion. It is possible for opposites to become reconciled through mutual respect.

G: to L [Facing each other] Make a list of the parts of some living things: skin, bone, muscles, scales, roots, flowers. Take the word. Millions of microscopic examinations have been made and the results are always the same. It invariably appears to be constructed of tiny compartments. [draw these tiny compartments in the air] The compartments are called cells. Scientists have three ways to probe the secrets of cells. All of them have some disadvantages. Electron microscopes provide the most detailed pictures of cell structure, but using these microscopes requires killing the cells [G draws this process in the air and L mimics it]. Light microscopes permit biologists to observe cells in action but reveal only the largest structures in the cytoplasm and the nucleus; the functions of the parts of living cells cannot be clearly observed, only inferred [G draws this process in the air and L mimics it]. The third way is to take cells apart, separating their constituents and subjecting them to chemical tests. But when the cell membrane is broken the cytoplasm spills out and the relationship between the parts is lost [G draws this process in the air and L mimics it].

N: When I say, you, I mean you. the power needed in order for that star to protect us. That language is still spoken by Angels and by people from other planets. The ocean has given us so much for so long. Their children are just as frightened. [singing] You’re so close but still a world away.

[The three actors gather in the centre of the stage. L carries the rainwater. The actors form a triangle with their backs to each other. L places the rainwater in the centre of the triangle]

G: very fluid L: very fluid N: very fluid
sleeping languages sleeping languages sleeping languages
capital flows capital flows capital flows
death blow death blow death blow

trade language trade language trade language
orphan planet orphan planet orphan planet
former temple former temple former temple
invisible loyalties invisible loyalties invisible loyalties

suspended judgement suspended judgement suspended judgement
social atom social atom social atom
six decades six decades six decades
barrier islands barrier islands barrier islands

prescribed burning prescribed burning prescribed burning
biotic provinces biotic provinces biotic provinces
gut mutualisms gut mutualisms gut mutualisms
small fortune small fortune small fortune

[G &L lay down on the stage, N opens the folding chair and sits down]

G: In my dream, by talking to the sky, I asked god ‘why are humans here on earth?’ and god said ‘because they make beautiful patterns’.

L: We managed to creep out into my sister’s bedroom and look out of the window and see this lorry on fire and the fire engine actually trying to put it out. But father was very keen to get us back to bed and into sleep you see but that was out of the question of course but the next morning it was raining and we came out to see the ruins of this lorry and what appeared to be masses and masses of black ash all spread over the top part of the hill and of course there were kids going to school then and we went and joined them all and they were foraging in this black mushy ash for oranges, would you believe? It was a lorry loaded full of oranges. How it ever caught fire I’ll never know but it burnt out despite the efforts of the fire brigade and we spent the morning - we were all late for school - foraging for oranges. The burnt taste of the oranges was quite - unique - but we enjoyed them anyway.

[L opens the trap door and feeds the cats]

N [still sitting down with G laying down]

dark ash

orange glow


are you

of the


the one who brings out





[G sits up, N gets up and folds the chair]

N: Withdrawn from ordinary human perception, there was a shattering of light that caused sparks to scatter throughout the universe with one spark invisibly embedded in each living creature. The task of redemption is to gather these sparks together in the spirit of healing, repairing and transforming. Animals, plants, rocks, rivers, human handiwork, words, thunder, wind and shadows.

N: purity is not an option

N: Holding the glass was walking in the city. Out in the sun new the sea was hot. it is customary to fill the cup until it overflows its rim

G yellow

is information

[G leaves the stage and walks towards the main space to the megaphone, she puts on her mask]

N: Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is money. Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, it is depth and stability. It is heaven. Red is our will to survive, a pioneering spirit. Orange

[L interrupts]

L: Are cities skylines?

N: Mars will help you quite a bit. Orange is warmth

L: and happiness

N: your gut instinct

N & L together: We wanted to monitor the island so we are disappointed it has gone.

[through megaphone]


[G without a megaphone, shouting towards L & N]

G: Et votre vie est lieé à celle de tous les organisms vivants de la planéte

[shouting up back at G, not angry shouting, just shouting because they are far apart]

L: I noticed that the snow was acting like sand.

[L pours half the rainwater into the jug which she hangs on one of the hooks]

[shouting up back at G, not angry shouting, just shouting because they are far apart]

N: Actually it’s salt it takes the body a moment to understand that everything has changed.

[G returns to the stage]

G: I don’t understand why this whale isn’t returned to the sea?

Can you purify ocean water?

Is there anything else I should prepare?

[G returns to the stage] [All the characters form a line and face the front of the stage, L holds the rainwater in her arms]

[This passage is really lucid, the characters look at the ground but also through the ground]

L: Third nature

G: I’ve heard about this boat since I was a child

G: Tear down the barrier between imagination and the human spirit

N: I can’t talk in the rain

G: How deep do roots go?

N: Rape, wheat and barley. The nation state must be overcome

L: The nation state, which is defined by ethnicity, homeland and soil, must be overcome.

N: Willpower appears to operate like an energy source

G: (don’t hold your breath)

L: How to keep ourselves intact.

N: We don’t just copy what we see, we are also highly tuned to stories of what others have done.

L: What others have done.

G: The boundaries between who the person is and what they are doing disappear.

L: Is night simply the sun’s absence or does it have a quality of its own?

L: Is sap a tree’s blood?

G: Seeds travel

N: Jupiter: fruits e.g apple

L: This is the wealth of the plant

G: Bone is the hardest substance in us and endures the longest

G: This child affected me in a manner I hadn’t expected. I sensed tragedy coupled with great joy



N: A new cell is born when there are three live neighbours. A cell stays alive when surrounded by two or three live cells. Each cell with four or more neighbours dies of overpopulation and each cell surrounded by one or no live cell dies of solitude. The task is now to obtain the pattern presented in the double sun. An unknown input pattern represents a particular point in the energy landscape. As the network iterates its way to the solution, the point moves through the landscape towards one of the hollows. These basins of attraction repeat the stable states of the network. The solution from the net occurs when the point moves from the lowest region of the basin. Everywhere else in the close neighbourhood is uphill. So it will stay where it is. Caterpillars can crawl but cannot fly. In the big picture perhaps light is secondary for all five kingdoms.

G: 200 areas of cognitive skill per hemisphere. I do not believe in objective statements. But you have brought a little more love into the world.

[G puts her hand in the water pot that L is holding]

[for this exchange while G's hand is in the water, N & L talks to her]

N: It may seem exaggerated but it is quite true, to go to bed on time, to let go of the day voluntarily, requires discipline.

One must enter the night with empty open hands.

L: Is night simply the sun’s absence or does it have a quality of its own?

L: My red and yellow roses are now fully open.

N: Police did not bring looting to an end until dawn.

N: Three men were killed while protecting shops. People just did what they wanted to because they wanted to do it. Obviously you have to work together to operate but in terms of power structure there isn’t one. For all practical purposes there had been a truce. I still to this day don’t class it as a riot.

[G takes her hand out of the water and shakes the water off whilst talking]

G: He was far from alone. Far from alone. Some people were there for that boy who got killed. And the rest of them because of what’s happening. And the young these days need to be heard. The view that change was impossible was palpable.

[In a loud voice, walking to the back of the stage]

N: Fuck knows, dunno, don’t really care about that no more. I’ve gone past caring. Just think there’s no point in me wishing, wanting things to happen.

[In a loud voice, carrying the rainwater and walking to the back of the stage in the direction of N]

L: We act in peace. With ferocious love of these lands in our hearts. We act on behalf of life. In 20 years the internet will split in two. But for that snap, that night, I wanna get it now. I want it now. That’s what it was.

[L gives the water to N]

N [to the water] support detoxification

support the nervous system

L: At that point I start spiralling. [sits down] I have a sense that I’m biting off more than I can chew. We are speaking a different language.

[G goes inside to join the others, speaking as she walks, and in a somewhat condescending manner]

G: It’s a big step to get away from the anthropocentric view regarding our relationship with the earth. Morals need to come from the earth.

L: [to G] With me - plants and animals matter. I love nature, I have a strong affinity to the oceans and the cedar forest. I love Camus flowers, you can eat the bulbs, they are starchy.

G: Best case scenario?

L: That my parents could understand me. I even dreamt in the third person. I noticed the snow was acting like sand.

G: [lovingly] Actually it’s salt. Anything else about animals?

L: I like animals quite a bit, all animals, horses, insects, birds.

G: What about birds?

L: I like ravens and crows. I need more solidity. When I’m anxious I feel transparent, not all there.

[referring to L but speaking to the audience]

G: She shows some of the typical bird symptoms of ‘watching’. The remedy is made from a feather. She may give a rock or crystal to a stranger, like someone delivering pizza. The remedy is made from a feather.

[G stands up and nervously walks back and forth saying]

G: that which a substance is capable of causing, it is also capable of curing

G: that which a substance is capable of causing, it is also capable of curing

G: that which a substance is capable of causing, it is also capable of curing

L: [to G] Can we extend this?

But what is a wound?

Let’s say, it’s dark now.

[now all the characters are standing apart, N is in front and G&L further behind]

N: 1.5 °C, 10 -30 years, 12 years, 1 °C, 49%, 2017, 2030, 8 October, 1.5 and 2 °C, 2052, 3 °C, versus 4 °C in a 2 °C world, 66%, 70–85%. It’s always 5 minutes to midnight and that is highly problematic.

L: [to G] Nobody has the key so why would they close it?

But what is a wound?

N: The exodus from all possible niches of security in latency. Promising contradictions, fire suppression. Even words were counterfeit. Owning the Weather in 2025. Why Would We Want To Mess With The Weather? Why is the ionosphere important? Battlespace, counterspace.




N: People have always wanted to be able to do something about the weather. Clear the fog from the runway. The weather is a performance given by nature for society. Legal hurdles. Massive life and property losses. Suppression, intensification. Respiratory economy. Biological doves. The non-alarmed life. They are not the kind who think they know everything. We didn’t know what we wanted. We decided the heavy elements had to come from the place itself. They told me they can now share their secrets. The rising air parcel will eventually condense to form clouds.

N: subtle chain
kinship system
disappointed pantheism
stone houses

G: [to the audience] Humans are those who are together but can usually not speak properly about the reasons for their being together. For what does it mean to be together? If no one asks me, I know; if I am asked to explain it, I do not know.

L: City of the fallen angels the largest living structure on the planet

G: The soul is not inside the body but rather the body is inside the soul.

Bind the co-existent together.

The constant weightlessness of the tongue in space. It’s literally a story of more people, more trees. Rabbits and jackals are coming back.

[discouraged, disbelieving]

G: The lines are drawn in all the wrong places.

[G collects the rainwater container and brings it near the empty jug]

L: She isn’t awake yet. [G pours the rest of the water into the jug and hangs it on the other hook] For optimum adaptation, for protection from change, for uncertainty in the meaning of one’s existence, haunting thoughts, for everything that is happening, she’s always ready to swim against the tide.

N: dew found on flower petals retain healing properties of that plant

L: cherish

[all the characters start to get very slowly closer to each other]

N: Even if we can agree that some things are natural and some are not, what follows from this? This is not a question we were meant to answer, but, rather, a question to which we must remain answerable

L: (Induce a healing crisis)

G: She’s asleep now

G: The love that comes from that person has no shape and structure.

G: It’s supposed to be OK, but I’m not OK. I think she feels OK, but I’m not sure that is true.

L: Is this an emergency?

G It is stronger than matter.

Burnt to ashes

So very far away
Passion and rage

L [to N and G] But is this an emergency?

N [in response to L]

Of snakes;

Of elephants;

Of a house made of glass, crystal, marble;

Of sloppy-looking and filthy houses, totally dusty attics, soiled and shabby huts,


Of mountains and mountain peaks, where heaven is closer to earth

Of black stains on white and white stains on black

Of poisonous industrial snow

[all the characters are talking to the audience now, until the end]

L: She catches up with us, shrieking for help, full of water, with her two brothers and three horses. Destroyer and defender. Steep ravine in the forest, trees are bare, we have to guide the children and horses down to a house with a glass dome on top and it is so small that someone can only lie down curled up to look up to the sky.

G: I have some sort of feeling of ‘things continue’: wriggling creatures – eel-like - spill out of a water barrel, they are bearers of hope.

N: My girlfriend asked me: what should we do? I suggested screaming, but that does not help our isolation. Some sort of sound could be heard, the door stayed shut and it became quiet. The feeling: we did what we were able to.

L: I want to explain something essential but I spill out only empty bubbles. I prepared for a trip even though no plans existed. You gather your courage and confess............ I panicked that the earth would be destroyed by the environmental disregard of its inhabitants. They could not rely on people and that connected everything is on a big level with great eternal truth.

N: Get on snow car, wild monster.

G: The sun looks us straight in the eyes. An encounter between potentized matter and human consciousness. I expect human beings to be capable of burying their pasts and starting a new life.

L: Smoke and mirrors above rock bottom. It’s not a shady prayer. The best medicine is surrender.