The deer, the board with the painting on. Tied onto the back of one of the deers metal legs are two small wooden cages or traps. This view is very flat and grey. It seems like it is about to rain.

The view shows the deer again, this time from slightly further away to show a sheet of plywood attached to the wall with a small colourful painting towards the right centre

Close up showing one of the deers eyes, furry face and antlers. Tangled in the woollen mass in the antlers are star and heart shaped beads and neon lego weapons.

Vivid yellow felted mass in the antlers with an orange star-shaped bead and a thread of pastel purple hearts. There's also a zig-zag lego blade and a lego flame tangled in the felted-mass.

A life-size wooden armature of a deer. The legs are thin metal with black rubber stoppers at the ends. The rib cage is small strips of wood. The head and antlers of the deer are realistic, the head is a woollen replica. In the antlers is a tangle of pastel coloured wool.

A portrait of the deer's head from the side. Some longer wool comes down around the chin. There are some black fake eyelashes and a little glint of light reflects from the eye. The antlers are tall, textured and brown.

Behind the deer now, the other side is revealed. The other side of the deer does not have the delicate small wooden pieces denoting the rib-cage but rather only the curvey horizonal pieces underneath. This side is more undone. There is not so much wooden-wool wrapped around to make the muscles of the legs. One leg doesn't have any wood-wool and is infact totally bare, with only the metal pole attached to the body.

A close-up of one of the traps or cages that are tied to the deer's back leg. The cage has a thin wooden frame and metal bars. Inside the cage are white spheres with different kinds of eyeballs painted on them in kawaii style. Some of the eyes have the night sky, hearts and stars in them instead of pupils.

A close up of the other trap. The traps are tied to the deer's leg with a mixture of different strings and cords.

Here the eyes are inside the cages or traps, one has a multi-coloured star instead of a pupil and the other has a flame.

A small vitrine is placed low on the wall, at adult kneeling height. Or child standing height. Or adult seated height. Inside the vitrine is a black velvet globe with a gold stand. It's a pin cushion. There are a cluster of pins sticking in the top. The pins have faux pearl heads.

Closer to the small vitrine. The base of the vitrine is a thick dark wood, the grain is visible. The vitrine is narrow and triple the height of the small globe inside. One of the pins is so long that the pointy end threads right through the centre of the globe and abouut 14mm of pin comes out the bottom of the globe.

The less-finished side of the deer. Without ribs. The is a lot of string bound around the neck of the deer which serves to hold the other side where there is wood-wool to pad out the neck. The small vitrine is visible in the background as are the traps tied to the back of the deer's leg.

A close up of one of the knots on the string that binds the traps to the deer's back leg. This is green string, with a knotted multicoloured and frayed string tied in. There are bits of leaves in the string too.

closer to the squashed paint blobs painting. Some of the colours bleeding into each other here.

A standard 250 x 120cm sheet of plywood is attached to the wall. In the top part of the board, positioned towards the right of the board hangs a small clip-frame. Colourful blobs of paint are squashed together under the glass of the frame, some of them join together.

The deer from behind with the traps or cages in the forefront. The unequalness of the deer is very visible here as half of it is more complete than the other half. One side has a more padded out leg and wood wool to build up the muscle structure in the neck. The deer seems to be leaning towards one side, pulling along the weight of the traps.

The Muddy Choir
Veda Florence IT

wood, woodwool, Welsh wool, live-trap bird traps, polyurethane, volcanic rock beads
glass beads, LEGO weapons, nails, string, wooden spheres.
215 x 105 x 470cm

by their fruits ye shall know them
plywood board & clip frame painting
250 x 122 x 4cm

choose your fighter
display case with black velvet globe pin cushion and faux pearl pins
40 x 16 x 16cm

warming plate

sensible survival
residual suffering
awfully silent
unequal intimacy
clinical week
former everything
biomass poor
sensory economy
lazy river
lazy river

Seeing fractions as division. There is no way to opt out of the scheme. Yesterday or
after yesterday. A nose full of apples, apricots and honey. A loose sleeveless cloak
or cape. Spend more than a year developing 10 new questions. Lies in state. Fair
to say. Safe to say. Heatwaves will be hotter. See how other people feel. Defending
planets, hearts pounding. Probably we trained each other. These gates are closed
at dusk. Wine water milk jug. How they decide what is most important to them. No
one lives in the global average. It’s a sample of the world’s own heart.

probably we trained each other

producing redemption
mythical commerce
perfect forgetfulness
unvoiced sounds
soft palate
vivo magis
scavenging mooncakes
contattetemi urgentamente
disproportionally startling
sacred limits


The best way to account for the coherence of our experience is to suppose that
the outside world corresponds, at least approximately, to the image of it provided by our
senses. I pull three beetles out of my ear. They look like skeletons but then when I
put them in water they swim. Can you run out of adrenaline? Hard vs Soft Magic.
Don’t be afraid to seek support from your bank. In the metaverse surgeons will
practise hundreds of times. Forever Chemicals. Surgeons will be able to practise
hundreds of times in the metaverse. Turn key anti-clockwise. Anger can sometimes
put a person in a frightening situation. Love does not just happen, it is willed.

piastra riscaldante

sopravvivenza sensibile
sofferenza residua
terribilmente silenzioso
intimità disuguale
settimana clinica
ex tutto
biomassa scarsa
economia sensoriale
fiume pigro
guadagnare vigorosamente

Vedere le frazioni come divisione. Non c'é modo di uscire dallo schema. Ieri o dopo
ieri. Un naso pieno di mele, albicocche e miele. Un mantello o una cappa senza
maniche. Trascorrere più di un anno a sviluppare 10 nuove domande. Bugie di
stato. Giusto da dire. Sicuro di poterlo dire. Le ondate di calore saranno più calde.
Vedere come si sentono le altre persone. Difendere i pianeti, con il cuore che batte
forte. Probabilmente ci siamo addestrati l'un l'altro. Questi cancelli vengono chiusi
al crespuscolo. Brocca per vino acqua latte. Come decidono cosa è più importante
per loro. Nessuno vive nella media globale. È un esempio del cuore del mondo.

Probabilmente ci siamo addestrati l'un l'altro.

produrre redenzione
commercio mitico
dimenticanza perfetta
suoni afani
palato molle
vivo magis
scovando mooncakes
contattetemi urgentamente
sproporzionatamente sorprendente
limiti sacri


Il modo migliore per spiegare la coerenza della nostra esperienza è supporre che
il mondo esterno corrisponda, almeno approssimativamente, all'immagine che ne
danno i nostri sensi. Estraggo tre coleotteri dal mio orecchio. Sembrano scheletri,
ma quando li metto in acqua nuotano. Si può esaurire l'adrenalina? Magia Dura
VS Magia Morbida. Non abbiate paura di chiedere supporto alla vostra banca. Nel
metaverso i chirurghi si esercitano centinaia di volte. Prodotti chimici per sempre.
I chirurghi potranno esercitarsi centinaia di volte nel metaverso. Girare la chiave
in senso antiorario. La rabbia può talvolta mettere una persona in una situzaione
spaventosa. L'amore non accade e basta, è voluto.

Closer to the small vitrine. The base of the vitrine is a thick dark wood, the grain is visible. The vitrine is narrow and triple the height of the small globe inside. One of the pins is so long that the pointy end threads right through the centre of the globe and abouut 14mm of pin comes out the bottom of the globe.