There's more than one way to eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired.
Fear of Madness

P2: [stands up from sitting and take drawstring bags down from hook] There's more than one way to eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired. The mountains are high and the emperor is far away. The most poetic period of life. Before scepticism has crept in as ignorance slinks out. In spite of that, there will be few among us, that have not felt evanescent regrets by the displacement. The world was less practical in its facts than now. Since one can no longer rest in peace with ones ignorance.

P1: [stands up from sitting and take drawstring bags down from hook] Still looking for answers? National Institute of Allegory and Infectious Diseases. Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy. Do you really think you can harvest an opportunity from a disaster? Most people have no opinion beyond that of vague surprise that the question should be raised at all. (who deserves income) (who deserves rights) invisible forces are a fact of life. The more ridiculous they are the more likely to be believed. To some extent treading absolutely virgin soil. So all the details remain the same except the date and time.

P2: Thanks darl

Saint: One must become a living unit in that life. We have a very small pool you can use but it's very very small. Another way to is to let kids play with water. We will have to see how best to proceed to reproduce that kind of benign intensity and stillness. To relate to anywhere except the spot where the speaker dwells. To the distant mountains, or to the shadow land, the green fields of the sea. Romantic sort of purgatorial paradise.

[pause dialogue here for lots of seed moving, discovering the seeds in the drawers under the chairs and begin scooping them out and up onto the table]

P1: Three losses by disappearance. Sailed away in a ship of glass and never returned. Disappeared forever. Neither sinking beneath the sea, nor floating away upon the waters but simply vanishing suddenly. They made their purchases without speaking. Always leaving the exact sum required which they seemed to know without asking the price of anything. There are laws which never vary or if they vary, their very eccentricity is governed by precise rules........[mutters] Evil luck. Subtle, binding, regenerative, pitiless. I'm trying to think of clever ways to help you remember things.

P2: If you take away this false need to learn those things then you actually don't need to think of clever ways to help me remember them. Who decides what you need to learn? Who decides what I need to learn?      Golden parachute. Make public promises. Human breathing is anti-plant kingdom.

P1: Hostile scientific camps and the theories of those who are arguing from more or less the same data. Trust is a concept swimming in vagueness. In the good old days every house was haunted and every field bewitched, and it was the haunt and the bewitchment that was the safety of the house and the land.

P2 [to P1]: There, there hold your tongue. Don't worry little mouse everything is going to be fine. [P1 sucks in a piece of cooked spaghetti and spits it out x2] Leave the candle burning when you go to bed.

P1: It's (it is)

don't (do not)

the sky's the limit (the sky is the limit)

Strength – Angel

Courage – Archangel

Light – Archai

P2: I tend to procrastinate, what can I do to stop it?

P1: If you have something to do, do it as soon as you are able. The bigger the task, the higher up your list of things to do it should go. You have a choice – you can either sit in front of your TV feeling that there is a big list of things to do or you can sit in front of the same TV, a little later on, in the knowledge that they have all been done. The latter is probably a preferable place to be. Preparing (for the assessment centre) is a bit like making a fundamental change to the way in which you live your life; suddenly you have to switch your brain on.

P2: How do I switch my brain on?

P1: It is more a state of mind than anything else. If you don't know something, you can find out; if you need to remember something, you can record it; if you can't find something, don't give up until it is found. You approach things in a positive light and aim to push yourself just a bit harder each day. If you forget something, you learn it again and so on.

S: They scattered like dust before the wind. Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights. Police on horseback and foot encouraged people not to sit down, encouraged people not to sit down. Our complete misunderstanding of the biosphere. You don't have control and you can't have control. COSMOPOLITICS, PLANETARY HEALTH, NECROPOLITICS. This is the stone over which one is constantly stumbling. Some effort of this sort is imperative and we must do the best we can with our materials. The same fabric of fear and patience. There must have been an unquestioning reliance in them on all that is. There is an unquestioning reliance in them on all that is. The principle requires the establishment of an international resource management regime. Act of god. The Right, Privilege, or Power, or the Obligation or Liability a person may or may not, shall or shall not.    The law is written in a dead language.

P1: On the other hand, I thought of all us with our superior brains, in an unsettled world, shifting between applied reason and violently misapplied emotion, as having connections with our natal earth that were decidedly uneasy. No, (ear, no) Can this ship, orbiting in its own space, be controlled by conscious effort, or is there another passion in us, moving us, that has no outcome to reveal? The universe hatches great desires, both intricate and cruel.

P2: What was shared is now hoarded. Until frost gives the plant a well-earned rest. Our scattered mechanical thunder. The former is burnt, the latter not. Would-be. The entire river becomes the property of that nation. Natural right. Imperfect right. Trigger Response. Overlapping circles. Absences. A tourist is walking on live coral. Filtration. Hypersea. We do not aim to seek control of but rather to destroy entirely. I think now of the fish carrier. Some of the calls are both strident and silvery, others harsh and deep, absent minded note takings which may verge abruptly into wild excitement. The summer days poured by.

P1: Moved by the spirit of mischief. Rebellious Qi. Don't move. Cannot fail, quite apart from the sentimental bias behind it, to prove the sorriest waste of useful energy. They must omit the very earliest history. You can't clean things by licking them anymore. Those who tried to identify the trouble seemed to be faced with a vast, largely unseen area of cause and effect, and it would take them a long time to pinpoint the dangers to life before they were unleashed. The cut flower grower. Squatting the m41 motorway in 1996. You cant have some nice democratic non-ecocidal market economy. We could no longer play games with isolation. Recoil in awe. Recoil in horror. Either everything is sacred or nothing is sacred.

P2: I'm angry, the anger is really strong and I feel it has no viable place to go, there's no way to effectively direct it. It's eating me from inside, rotting my insides. A fizzing, bubbling putrid anger.

P1: I know the feeling, a huge grey cloud slides over a previously clear sky, wind begins to blow the leaves, increasing eddies, light lowers

P2: hmm, there's that yea but there's also anger that's bigger, is the only way I can say it. The production of water from stone. With something like this you can't expect immediate results, an immediate shift. I feel programmed to see incremental progress. I feel quite disillusioned to realise that I'm not going to see that.

P1: It's heartache

P2: I messaged her 2 days ago and she's not replying

P1: skim over it

P2: skim over it? Instead I have to enter right into the midst of this. Half-moon tenants co-operative. Imperfect rights are ironed out by treaties. Those for whom such dualism is not meaningful. How does such co-identification come about? You have proven time and time again that you are not a coward. Food eaten under stress isn't going to nourish anyone. The clouds were suspended in a sky as grey as northern stone, and I suddenly felt the extreme testing of all things. Recourse to redistribution to try to avert catastrophe. I think there are fewer people who believe in progress now than ever. Time consciousness robs you from the present. The practice of growth is unfailing, demanding protection in an extreme and exclusive way. Consulting our own lives is more to the point. It's like a very uncloaked pain. Stop torturing the sand worm. Throat-head, wave-like, soul-skeleton, soul-teeth. A reliable legal framework. Something akin to the umbilical cord.

P1: Relating to each other by drawing comparisons is often negating.

S: We find that insects have perfectly mastered all kinds of processes which took humans millions of years to learn and many of which are still beyond humanities ken. Wasps made paper out of wood. In addition, insects have an almost incredible sense of symmetry; the waxy cells of bees' honeycombs and the papery cells

P1: [over S] celtic knots

S: [continues] of wasps' and hornets' nests. Many insects evidently even have a sense of mathematical exactitude, as seen from the curves cut in leaves by the Oak Leaf-roller when it prepares capsules for it's eggs. The production of light is another achievement of insects. Glow-worms are able to produce cold light of considerable intensity – green efflorescence. They'Sleeping means what I do.

P2: Secreting wax, remarkable care, production of cold light, mathematical exactitude, boring holes, construction, sense of symmetry. Could it possibly have failed to be translated into action? Working at the same problem, antecedent, we become disenchanted with the ways that we've been clinging. Under what influence did the impression arise that absolute individual ownership is the normal state ? Normal? Rose? Even the best laid plans can change. We encounter uncertainty, we encounter impermanence, we encounter things as they are. Even at this late hour it has never yet been protected from itself. It's an action that can only be described in terms of pure devotion. On fire with a spontaneity that needs no name, to hold fast or adhere to something, as by grasping, sticking, embracing, or entwining, yet place leads to place, life to life, knowing to knowing. You are only half alive to what you need. Either everything is sacred or nothing is sacred.