whether it is possible to renew oneself by eating poisonous things
Fear of Love

[Actors open up the seed bags onto the table which is now on the floor. A long silence while each insect gathers the seeds from around the perimeter of the table and puts them inside the bags] 

Blood Cicada: [pause 60 seconds, looking down, gathering seeds] Everything has been so weird…..

Rose Chafer: [pause 60 seconds, looking down, gathering seeds]  Everything will continue to get weirder..

Emperor Dragonfly: [pause 5 deep breaths, look up at Rose Chafer] Is that a threat? 

[draw the strings closed on the bags] 

BC: Most people know perfectly well that they should no longer be feeling this way. They know they are safe now but they do not feel this way.

RC: What's safe? What do you mean by safe? Without physical contact every cell literally refuses to develop. You never learn more about something than when you have to teach it to somebody else. Everything has been so weird

ED: Everything will continue to get weirder. The best way to avoid drowning in emotion is to dive down deep, to the bottom, the hardest place, to the core of suffering. That is the only place where we can give the kick that will bring us back up to the surface.

RC: If we had not asked her, we would never have guessed. The egg cannot be dug up and my mother told me it was an angel. 

ED: Even when we see the people we love in their weakest moments, we must not underestimate their capacity to deal with the most difficult situations. What happened to you? How do you feel about this now? What troubles you the most now? What helps you most to handle this?

BC: [shouting]: How dare you pray for rain and then say it's too much.

ED: No don't touch it, leave it alone, we don't know enough about it yet. Ok, shall we try again.

BC: Do I say no to this moment, remaining parched and brittle? How do I reconcile wanting to accomplish something with the idea of non-doing, of not trying to get something or somewhere when I am here for a reason and I want relief?

ED: Yes! This is my question too [nodding heads]

RC: A beast with a head so heavy it can only look down. Above all promises should be kept. Rice, water, coconut milk, sugar and salt. Often served warm, although it can also be served chilled when the weather is exceptionally hot. One cannot always look to others for compensation. Hoping to gain control by losing control.

All: You don't have control and you can't have control.  When will you get water? Why are you alone? Do you have people around you? Are they going to change everything?

BC: No I'm quite isolated, I don't know if that's by design or....

ED: [interrupts] The sound of one hand clapping.

BC: So where do I start? 

RC: You’re always talking about your anger but what about your fears?

BC: My fears?                  I'm afraid that you're not going to be there when I need you. 

RC: You come up with an answer that isn't a solution. On the verge of finally having everything and then you have nothing. Crying, smiling, raising one’s chin, making oneself small, moving one’s arms up and down quickly. 

BC: A curse. A phantom. A caveat. The river is not about to say something in a way you can understand. So I'm gonna show a scene and then I'm gonna go back and break it down. 

ED: A dimensionless measure, complex constants purposefully reduced to minimal values. Satisfying the equation, completely lossless. Hyperlocal dark stores act as micro-fulfilment centres. Who is to blame?

RC: The world you live in is too small for you. [talking about BC to the audience] She is young and so she feels it strongly but it is the truth. [To BC] What are you prepared to put in writing? 

BC: Capital cannot think through ecology. The individual is a myth.

ED:  Potential child, fata morgana, tree officers. Those nights were on fire. We couldn't get higher. We didn't know that we had it all. But nobody warns you before the fall. Nobody wants you before the fall.

BC: If we’re digging it up we’ve got to make sure that it’s fairly flat underneath and not with loads of stones underneath, big stones, but you can be our helper can’t ya? You need to try and get that out, make sure there’s no stones underneath. We’ll soon find out,,, I always feel that I've done something wrong at all times. more This world we built and chose to destroy.  

RC: Where did you learn this?

ED: Aligned and unstoppable. The instrument of loss becomes the instrument of restoration. It will do whatever it needs to do to remain whole.  Make no distinction between creator and creature. There will always be some force that you forgot to account for. Anyone on the internet with this link can view.

BC: I don't think you're giving life the attention it deserves. (joy+ trust), (joy + fear), (joy + surprise)

RC: let’s call things by their real names

BC: seawater rice

RC: Establish the connection between strength, power and endurance. Rebellious Qi. Scrambling, silenced, real-time. The Basket of Hands. The Government of the Tongue. Orders of love. Belonging is the most important order of love. Most things I’ve learned in life have been self-taught or through my mother. I love dogs but I don’t have any of my own. We need reports of what is happening in your area. Be it by writing essays, diaries , emails , stories theories concepts audio or visual tape - words, music or pictures. We wish to provide strong, concrete evidence that that which we are doing are doing so much. Faced with mountains of arguments, evidence through experience, observations. Build a full size artificial mountain to encourage rainfall. Let’s hope there is something more solid, or that it will work. Thank you.

EC: Thank you

RC: Thank you

BC: Thank you

[They go on saying thank you, overlapping each other, nodding their heads.]